Jillian Locke

“Our relationship and partnership has been so empowering, inspiring, and positively  impactful. It truly embodies strength, joy, compassion, harmony and comfort. It helps to align us with our highest selves so we can show up as our best self in all roles we play in our lives as women, entrepreneurs, teachers, friends, sisters, daughters, wives etc. We wish to extend this to the collective because who doesn’t need and deserve that kind of connection and what a benefit it plays in all realms of your life!” - Jillian

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Nadia Yanuziello

“We met during Yoga Teacher Training back in 2017 and there was such a strong gravitational force drawing us together. Our connection always felt so organic, joyful and purposeful. Since meeting we had an inner knowing that we were destined to work together and bring together a soul connected wellness community.”  - Nadia

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Elsbeth  Schokking

Meet Elsbeth; an avid cyclist, former gymnast and wizard in the kitchen. When she isn't doing these (and many other) activities, she is practising and teaching Yoga. Whether you are a virtual or in-person student of Elsbeth, her classes ae a place where she encourages every participant to take a breath, move beyond boundaries and, get your sweat on. Never forgetting what Elsbeth believes to be the essence of why you are all there which is to experience the perfect harmony of strength, flexibility, relaxation and mindfulness in your body, mind and spirit. 

Elsbeth completed her 200-hour training with Iam Yoga in Toronto in 2016 and has been teaching ever since. In the lifelong pursuit of learning, she has also done additional certifications in yin, restorative, meditation, youth, mental health and trauma-informed yoga. Most recently, she has introduced private pre-natal classes to her wide-ranging wellness offerings. Elsbeth provides creative sequences and an abundance of options for every body, and hopes that you will come away from her classes feeling refreshed, nurtured and balanced.

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Jenny Purdy

Jenny is a 200hr Registered Yoga teacher, Pre and Postnatal certified mompreneur on a mission to empower mamas through genuine self-care, nurturing the connection between mind-body-spirit.


Jenny gravitated to yoga as a tool to manage and support two invisible illnesses: an autoimmune disorder called ankylosing spondylitis, as well as anxiety and postpartum depression. Her love for yoga’s life-changing abilities evolved into a heart and soul-centered passion and calling that supports her in all areas of her life. 


As a mom of two, wife, and entrepreneur, (among many other roles) Jenny is a strong believer in the magic, power, harmony and ease yoga provides. Her goal is to remind you that you already have everything you need inside of you to be the best mom and woman you can be, and she is here to become a source of support and motivation for fellow mamas who want to live a more empowered, connected and inspired lifestyle. 


Jenny is also a writer, children’s holistic sleep & well-being specialist, podcast host, astrology junkie, and self-professed coffee aficionado. She is a firm believer that you can never have too many houseplants (or too many crystals). And if it has to do with natural wellness, you can bet she’s a big fan. 

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Natalie is a heart-spaced guide, a rebel, and a conscious wild woman. Her journey involves submergence in the realm of energy medicine, surrender, trust, unity, mysticism, ceremony, and celebration. She is a visionary and an energy worker, and her gift is in creating from pure Source consciousness. 


Natalie holds a Master’s Degree in Education, and when becoming a mother in 2013, she consciously chose homeschooling to create and shape an educational experience that allows for freedom, fluidity, and flow. Natalie’s gift is in community development, networking, and connecting kindred spirits. In 2016, she began hosting a weekly Parent and Child Nature Group, as well as holding space for sisters monthly in Sacred Circles. She has brought many families together to co-create homeschool cooperatives and organized adventurous nature-based field trips. She is the catalyst and portal for spiritual expansion and deep change.


Her power is her presence, and she activates and awakens others to remember their wholeness, embody their Higher Self, and live out their Soul’s purpose. She is here to shine and assist in the dismantling and collapse all of what we have been told is right and true, and re-design life allowing for more freedom, love, self-sovereignty, and harmony. Natalie has held a sacred vision: an eco-village and oneness community in the New Earth. You’ll find Natalie immersed in being the change she wishes to see, enjoying the pioneering journey of re-designing life experience, curled up with a cup of nettle tea writing her book, and creating space for sisters to deepen their connection to Self, Source, and others. 

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